Submitting Orders:  Submitting Orders: Orders and art should be sent in the same email to DO NOT send orders to the art department or any other email address other than We will need vector artwork, as well as a PDF, JPEG or other non-editable file type to verify the vector artwork. All emails should have the purchase order number in the email subject line. Failure to do any of the above will greatly delay order processing and production time.

Production Time:  Standard production for one color screen printing is 2-10 business days. Complete purchase orders and a copy of the art must be received by 11:00 am central.  Orders received after this time will be processed the next business day.  Orders requesting rush service will incur a rush fee of $60(v) or 20% of the net cup price, whichever is larger.  Same day production is subject to availability.

Terms:  Net 30 from date of invoice is available to established accounts.  Call factory for more information.

Purchase Orders:  ALL ORDERS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING. All specifics must be clearly  stated on purchase order. Any pricing listed on order is disregarded by factory.

Order Acknowledgment:  If requested on purchase order, orders are acknowledged within 24  hours of receipt giving full particulars for order processing and cost.

Order Status:  All inquiries must be directed to customer service.

Cancellations:  Actual labor and material costs incurred prior to cancellation will be invoiced.

Shipping:  FOB point is the factory in north Mississippi (metro Memphis, TN). Shipments are made via United Parcel Service, Federal Express (when authorized) and truck  carriers depending on weight and size of order. COD SHIPMENTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE. Some offset  printed stadium cups may ship from factory in Omaha, NE.  The factory has no control of delivery after the order has been transferred to the freight carrier. The factory does not guarantee any arrival date. If the product is shipped per schedule and arrives late due to freight carrier error, the distributor is still required to pay for the order.  Any refunds from the freight carrier may be applied toward the invoice.

Split Shipments:  Not available.

Union Label:  Not available.

Warranty:  The factory warrants its products to be of good quality and will replace at no charge any  order not properly filled. No liability in excess of invoice is assumed. The factory will accept no responsibility after  30 days from receipt of merchandise. It is the responsibility of the distributor to ensure that all merchandise is  inspected within this time frame. The stadium cups listed in this catalog are dishwasher safe; however, due to variables  beyond the factory's control, the imprint is not guaranteed to stay on.

Merchandise Returns:  Returned merchandise will not be accepted unless factory has been notified  in advance and agreed to accept the return. Merchandise refused by customer through no fault of the factory or  unauthorized returned merchandise will be reshipped direct to distributor and re-forwarding charges billed. The  items in this catalog are controlled by regulations imposed by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Once an  item is shipped & leaves the control of our company, that item can no longer be resold by our company. Therefore,  we are unable to accept returns on unimprinted goods. Please order carefully and if in doubt, request a sample prior  to ordering.

Packing List:  Not available unless provided by distributor.

Random Sample Packs:  Available upon request. First pack for each distributor company is no charge.  Each additional pack is $5(z).

Standard Colors:  From time to time there may be variations in our standard cup or imprint  colors due to variables in the formulations which are beyond our control.

Stadium Cups: Available with smooth sides and fluted sides. If an order is not specific as to  which type of sides, smooth sides will be used. Print quality on fluted cups usually will not equal that of smooth.

Returned Checks: There is a $20(z) handling fee for all returned checks.

Product Changes: Factory reserves the right to change our product & replace with a similar item.  No notice will be given upon this replacement of product.   We do not manufacture the drinkware in this catalog... we are simply a decorator.  We have multiple vendors that can supply our product and it is not unusual for us to switch between these companies thru the years.  For that reason it is impossible for us to guarantee any given cup will not change, either in shape or color.  It is also not possible for us to contact you that a repeat order might be produced on a different cup.  The only way to verify you will receive a given cup is to request a sample or pre-production proof prior to printing AND to state your requirement on your PO.  When color is critical, do not attempt to judge product color from an image... either printed or online.  We cannot be held liable for any variations in product color or shape.  Also, since the cups can change, lids ordered on previous orders might not fit cups placed on current orders.

Scuffs & Scratches:  It is the nature of plastic to scuff and scratch during stacking and shipping.  Clear and dark colored plastics show this the most. These scuffs and scratches are not considered a defect.

Product Odor:  Our product is made from plastic resins & printed with solvent based inks. It is not unusual for our product to possibly have certain smells associated with the plastic itself or the ink  from the design. This odor, should it be present, is normal & not considered a defect.



Art: Factory reserves the right to resize art and to use best layout to obtain maximum visual  impact unless noted explicitly on purchase order. We reserve the right to determine camera ready art. Fax, xerox, photocopies,  letterhead and newspaper prints are not considered to be camera ready art. Artwork that is not sharp and clear will incur clean up charges.

QR Codes: We cannot guarantee the reliability of QR codes. The taper of cups as well as product/imprint color combinations effect readability. QR codes work best with dark ink on light colored items.

Reverse Copy: Small reversed copy will fill in; this is best if avoided altogether.

Trademark Usage: All copy or other material submitted by the customer or distributor will be accepted  by the factory as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, service mark, copyright,  right of privacy, patent or similar protection.

Printing Distortions: Due to the taper of the cups, the imprint will distort. Geometric shapes will noticeably change shape.




Overage & Underage: All shipments are exact quantities ordered.

Imprint Colors: We carry a full range of standard imprint colors picked solely at the  discretion of the factory. To eliminate any confusion or misunderstandings, the factory strongly recommends the use of  PMS color matching (NO CHARGE).  If an order states to print in gold or silver, the factory will print in metallic gold or metallic silver (see extra charges below).   When choosing PMS colors, use coated numbers only. The PMS800 series & 2x series  are not available. For metallic or neon imprint, see extra charges below. Perfect color matches cannot be guaranteed,  especially on colored cups.

Combined Quantity Pricing: Call factory for restrictions on combined quantity. Must be identically  sized cups. All orders with combined quantity pricing should be received and shipped at the same time. NOTE: Each copy  change requires a separate screen (see extra charges below). 



Screen Charge:  Screen: $45(v).  Screen charge on repeated identical order is $30(v).  If orders are repeated very often, the factory, at their discretion, may choose to waive the repeat screen charge.  Screens remain property of the factory. To use the same screen on different items, contact factory for limitations.

Second Side Imprint: NO EXTRA CHARGE. Second side must be specified. Screens for two side imprint  can be used for one size cup only.

Wrap Imprint: NO EXTRA CHARGE. We can print continuously around the product except for an  approximate gap of 1 inch between the start and the end of the imprint.

Art: When professional camera ready art is not submitted, factory art is billed at cost.

Typesetting: If factory is to set type, the first 6 lines are at no charge. Add $5(v) for each additional line.

Metallic Imprint: Metallic gold, silver or copper at $.05(v) each.

Neon Imprint: Yellow, pink, green & orange at $.03(v) each.

Email Proof: Color emailed or faxed proof is $10(v) per print. 

Pre-production Proof: Screen charge, art charge if applicable, plus $45(v) per color setup charge.

Halftone Photographs: $15(v). See Art Requirements.

Imprint Color Change Within One Order: Add $15(v) per color. Changes must be made in multiples of 25.

Overrun Samples: If requested on purchase order, overrun is available at $10(z) to cover shipping cost.

Drop Shipment: Drop ship charge is $5(z) per destination. 



No longer offered.



Halftone Dots: Because of potential smearing, the use of halftone dots is not recommended. However if halftone  dots are used, screen must be 50 lpi (lines or dots per inch). Artwork must be submitted to size or smaller than imprint area.  If dots can be replaced at factory, there will be an art charge. Although the factory will print to the best of its ability, the  factory assumes no responsibility for the outcome of printing halftone dots. Halftones are limited to one side only.

Halftone Photographs: The use of halftone photographs is strongly discouraged. The factory reserves the right  to refuse any photo not suitable for printing. Although the factory will print to the best of its ability, the factory assumes  no responsibility for the outcome of printing halftone photos. The distributor may be required to sign a release form. Halftones  are limited to one side only.

Art Instructions: When handwriting or faxing art instructions, make sure copy is clear and legible.  Factory cannot be responsible for misspelled copy due to unreadable instructions.



No longer offered.

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